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This internship agreement (“Agreement”) sets out the terms and conditions applicable to the internship of   (or the "Intern" or the "Employee") with Vaniday Singapore Pte. Ltd. (or the “Company” or the “Employer”). It constitutes the entire agreement between you and the Employer in relation to your internship and supersedes any previous written or oral agreements, understandings, commitments and representations between you and the Employer.



You hold the position of Intern of Vaniday Singapore reporting to the assigned Supervisor whom the Employer may designate in its discretion.

As an Intern of the Company, you will:

  • Assist with duties and project assigned by your supervisor.

In order to assist you in your career development and/or meet the needs of the business, the Employer may transfer you to a new position, or alter the duties and responsibilities of your position from time to time. The Employer will have regard to your skills, experience, wishes and personal circumstances and any changes will be effected with reasonable notice. Therefore, during this internship the Employer may alter your reporting line and/or change your work location from time to time to meet its needs or direct you to undertake duties for one of its subsidiaries.




The offer of internship is subject to satisfactory references, medical examination, as well as an approved work authorization from the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore, if applicable. We shall assist you with this application and process.

Your internship would commence on and end on  (both dates inclusive), subject to the approval of your work authorization from the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore, if applicable.




All allowance details are to remain confidential. Your allowance will be paid on a monthly rate of SGD 800 fixed allowance per month by customary payroll practices and procedures, subject to applicable law. Payout will be before the 10th of the following month.




You must submit a mandatory end-of-internship report if you have been accepted by the Global Ready Talent Program by Enterprise Singapore within 5 days from the end of the internship to be issued an internship completion letter from the Employer.




Besides the gazetted public holidays, you are entitled to Seven (7) days paid annual leave pro-rated from the commencement of your internship.

Permission to take the leave must be obtained from your immediate supervisor.

Unpaid leave shall be granted at the sole discretion of the Company. The Company reserves the right to terminate your internship without notice if you are absent from work on unpaid leave without prior approval from the Company.

Should you have taken more than your entitlement during your internship, your final salary payment will be reduced accordingly. Any entitlement accrued but not taken by you during the year that your internship terminates shall be forfeited by the Company.




You must notify your immediate supervisor the Office Manager (or such other person as the Company may direct) as soon as practicable if you are unable to work for medical reasons.

You must produce, without demand, a medical certificate in all cases where you are absent from work for medical reasons. Medical Certificates, after being seen by your head of department, should be submitted to the Office Manager as soon as you return from your medical leave.

You are entitled to fourteen (14) days of paid sick leave per calendar year pro-rated, upon confirmation of your internship.

If you are hospitalized on a doctor's written order, you may get up to forty-six (46) additional days of paid sick leave per calendar year pro-rated.




The Company's working hours are Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm. You are entitled to one hour of lunch break every day.

You shall devote the whole of your time and attention during normal business hours to the discharge of your duties and conform to such hours of work as may from time to time be reasonably required of you without being entitled to any additional remuneration for work performed outside normal business hours or beyond the stipulated hours.

The Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to revise, amend or extend the working hours should the need arises.




The Employer relies on representations made by you during your recruitment process including but not limited to those made on your internship application or during any interview and those in the paragraph below. You acknowledge that the Employer is entitled to rely on these representations as being true and correct for the duration of your internship with the Employer. The Employer reserves the right to terminate your internship should the Employer determine that any of the representations made by you during your recruitment process are false or misleading.

You represent that you will observe all statutes and regulations concerning the work performed by you, as well as all of the Employer’s policies and procedures. You represent and warrant that you are not subject to any internship, non-competition, or non-solicitation agreements, which prohibit or limit your internship by the Employer. In the event that you are in possession of any confidential non-public information by virtue of your prior internship, you further represent and warrant that you will not engage and have not engaged in any activity that is inconsistent with the rights of such prior employer which could subject the Employer, or other members of the corporate group, to liability. You indemnify the Employer and its related entities from any liability including, but not limited to attorney’s fees, incurred by the Employer or its related entity due to your breach of any such obligations.




You agree that you must:

Perform the duties assigned to you to the best of your ability and knowledge;

Serve Vaniday Singapore Pte. Ltd. faithfully and diligently to the best of your ability; Use all reasonable efforts to promote the interests of Vaniday Singapore;

Act in the best interests of Vaniday Singapore; Comply with all lawful directions of the Employer;

Perform your duties in a manner that complies with all laws applicable to your position and is consistent with the authority and status of your position;

Uphold, at all times, the Goals and Culture of Vaniday Singapore; and Report to the person or persons nominated by the Employer.




 You are required to advise the Employer of any external positions or directorships that you hold or which you propose to take up in advance. The Employer may request that you resign from or do not accept an external directorship.





 It is agreed that while you are employed by the Company and within 6 months from termination date, you shall not directly or indirectly:

  • carry on for your own account either alone or in partnership (or be concerned as a Director in any company engaged in) any such business in competition with the business within the territories or markets within your responsibility;
  • attempt in any manner to solicit from any of the Company’s clients (except on behalf of the Company and its Affiliates) business of the type performed by the Company or to persuade any client to cease to do business or to reduce the amount of business which any such client has customarily done or contemplates doing with the Company or any of its Affiliates, whether or not the relationship between the Company and such client was originally established in whole or in part through your efforts; or
  • employ, attempt to employ, or assist anyone else to employ (except on behalf the Company and its Affiliates) any person who is employed by our Company or any of its subsidiary

You understand and agree that you will not at any time (whether during your internship or after termination of internship), disclose to anyone any confidential information or trade secrets of the Company or any client of the Company (including any client of any entity within the Group) or utilize such confidential information or trade secrets for your own benefit, or for the benefit of third parties and all memoranda, notes, record, computer files or other documents compiled by you or made available to you during your internship concerning the business of the Company and/or its clients shall be the property of the Company and shall be returned to the Company on the termination of your internship or at any other time upon request.

It is also agreed that when any or our clients so require, you will enter into specific written agreements with us with regards to the protection of confidential information, solicitation of staff, acting for competitive businesses or other matters.

It is hereby agreed and declared that in the event that you are in breach of any of the covenants contained in this Clause, the Company will suffer irreparable injury, substantial loss of profits and other related damages arising directly and indirectly from such breach, and in any such case, you undertake to indemnify the Company against any losses and damages that will be suffered by the Company upon such breach by you provided that nothing herein shall in any way affect or prejudice the right of the Company to damages or other remedies against you for breach of any of the provisions of this Agreement.




During your internship with the Company, your principal commitment will be to the Company pursuant to this Letter of Appointment and you will not undertake any other internship unless otherwise stated below.

Only the Company can let you carry on external activities, and then only if:

  • that other work does not take up any of the Company's time, will not adversely affect your own work for the Company and will not lead to unwanted publicity for the Company;
  • the Company's confidential research findings, literature, and other forms of intellectual property are not made use of at all in articles for publication without the Company's consent;
  • the other work is not for a competitor of the Company and does not conflict with your duties to the Company; and
  • none of the extra-internship work is done during office




You may not use your position, influence, knowledge of Confidential and Proprietary Information (as defined below) or Employer assets for personal gain. A direct or indirect financial interest, including joint ventures in or with a supplier, vendor, customer or prospective customer without disclosure and written approval from an authorized representative of the Employer is strictly prohibited and constitutes cause for dismissal.




You acknowledge that during your internship you will have access to trade secrets and confidential, proprietary information relating to the Employer’s business: that gives the Employer or its affiliated entities a competitive advantage; that is not generally known by other employers or individuals not employed by the Employer or its affiliated entities; that could not be determined or learned by a person other than the Employer or its affiliated entities through publicly available sources or otherwise; that is not available to you by a person other than the Employer or an affiliated entity unless such person’s knowledge was obtained from the Employer or an affiliated entity; that is not or does not become widely known outside the Employer through no act by you; and the use or disclosure of which is damaging to the Employer or its affiliated entities (“Confidential and Proprietary Information”).

The Confidential and Proprietary Information includes, without limitation (other than the definition set forth in the preceding sentence): any and all trade secrets, transaction structure, intellectual property or any confidential information concerning the business, pricing and rates, financial arrangements or position of the Employer and or its affiliated entities, its and their business partners, its and their vendors, or its and their clients; technology, know-how, programs and systems used or provided by the Employer, or its affiliated entities, and their business partners, its and their vendors, or its and their clients; the Employer’s or its affiliated entities’ policies, procedures, handbook, manuals, forms and employee-related information; information regarding employees’ skills and abilities; client lists of the Employer and its affiliated entities; advice to clients of the Employer and its affiliated entities; any of the dealings, transactions an affairs of the business of the Employer or its affiliated entities or their clients; and any of the terms of contracts, arrangements and transactions between the Employer or and its affiliated entities and its or their clients.

You agree that during and after your internship with the Employer, to the extent permitted by law, you will not use or divulge to any person any Confidential and Proprietary Information, whether received or created verbally or in writing, other than in the necessary course of performance of your internship duties with the Employer, as permitted by the Employer and its affiliated entities, its and their business partners, its and their vendors, and its and their clients as Confidential and Proprietary until you know it is publicly known. You agree to take all reasonable and necessary steps to maintain the secrecy and prevent the disclosure and improper e of Confidential and Proprietary Information. If you are not sure as to whether certain information is Confidential and Proprietary Information, or you have questions about the handling of Confidential and Proprietary Information, contact your manager for guidance.

Violation of your Duty of Confidentiality could have serious adverse consequences and may lead to disciplinary action, including termination.




You acknowledge that documents, other than documents pertaining to the Employer’s dealings with you, received or created by you during your internship with the Employer and in connection with the performance of your duties hereunder are and will remain the Employer’s property (“Company Documents”). Such documents include, without limitation, files, memoranda, audio and visual communications, correspondence, reports and contact lists (whether written, electronic, digital or otherwise) but only to the extent such documents constitute Company Documents as described in the preceding sentence.

You agree not to remove any Company Documents and/or any other Company property and information upon your termination and to return all such documents (including all copies) and other Company property and information promptly upon the cessation of your internship and that following the cessation of your internship you will not disclose such documents and information to anyone outside of the Employer (except as required by law or with the Employer’s written consent) or use those documents or information for any purpose other than the advancement of the Employer’s interests.




You assign all present and future intellectual property rights, including, without limitation, copyright in and to all documents and rights to all, inventions, discoveries, and design prepared by you in the course of your internship and whether made or conceived:

in whole or in part by you;

alone of in conjunction with others; or

in pursuance of specific instructions or not,

to the Employer (or its nominee) and acknowledge that, by virtue of this clause, all such rights are vested (or will vest) in the Employer (or its nominee).

Furthermore, to the full extent permitted by law, you unconditionally and irrevocably waive all of your moral rights and rights in the nature of moral rights in works which you have created or may in the future create in the course of your internship (‘Works’) and consent to any act or omission that would otherwise infringe your moral rights.




 You shall indemnify and hold the Company and its shareholders, directors, officers, employees, and clients harmless to the fullest extent permitted by the laws of the Company’s state of incorporation in effect at the time against and in respect of any actions, suits, proceedings, claims, demands, judgments, costs, expenses (including advancement of reasonable attorney’s fees), losses, and liabilities arising from or related to Employee’s employment with the Company. This includes, but is not limited to, claims arising from Employee’s actions, decisions, or performance of duties within the scope of employment.




Your internship shall continue unless terminated by either the Employer or by you giving one (1) month notice in writing to the other or giving pay in lieu or such notice from either side.

If the Employer does not provide the required period of notice, remuneration equivalent to the notice period shall accrue to your base allowance. The Employer reserves the right to make or accept payment in lieu of notice. Notice payments are based on base salary.

The company may terminate this contract of internship without notice in the event of willful breach of a condition of the contract or in the event of your becoming medically and permanently unfit for internship as ratified by the company’s doctors.

During any period of notice of termination or resignation, the Employer has the discretion to direct you not to present yourself for work, do any work or contact any customers or clients of the Employer for any period up to your date of termination or resignation. During this period, you will continue to be employed by the Employer and must not engage or prepare to engage in any business activity that is the same or similar to the business you were undertaking for the Employer.

Termination of Internship without Notice

The Employer may also terminate your internship without notice (or payments in lieu of notice) on the following grounds. The list below is not exhaustive but includes:

  • Dishonesty (including theft and fraud).
  • Negligent performance of duties.
  • Disobeying a lawful direction of the
  • Conduct or any omission which constitutes serious
  • Working under the influence of alcohol or
  • Forgery or deliberate falsification of any
  • Fighting gross rudeness to clients or work
  • Serious breach of any of the Employer’s policies, procedures and codes of
  • Breach of
  • Becoming unable to pay your
  • Being found guilty by a court of a criminal offence and bringing the Employer into




 If any provision of this agreement is held to be illegal, void or unenforceable, the agreement will be ineffective to the extent only of that illegality, voidness or unenforceability, without invalidating the remaining parts of the Agreement. If a court should determine that any portion of this Agreement is overboard or unreasonable, such provision shall be given effect to the maximum extent possible by narrowing the provision found to be overboard or unreasonable.




This Letter of Appointment shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore.

Whilst this contract is necessarily formal and specific, it is our intention that the relationship between yourself and the company be as personal and as permanent as possible. Please indicate your acceptance of these terms and conditions by signing and returning the duplicate of this letter to us.

Yours faithfully

Vaniday Singapore Pte. Ltd.

   Name: Ruth Teo

   Designation: CEO


I, , confirm the acceptance of the terms and conditions of the above offer of internship with Vaniday Singapore Pte. Ltd. I attached my Bank Details below for allowance payment.


Bank Name: and Branch Number: and Account Number:  


 Agreed and acknowledged, the parties have executed and delivered this Agreement as of the day and year of this agreement.

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Signed by Ruth Teo
Signed On: April 18, 2024

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