Vaniday Partnership Agreement - Test

This AGREEMENT (“Agreement”) is between:

VANIDAY SINGAPORE PTE LTD, Company Registration number 201535968M, hereinafter referred to as “Vaniday” of 6 Raffles Boulevard #03-308 Marina Square Singapore 039594


MERCHANT, hereinafter referred to as “MERCHANT”

Vaniday would like to propose the following cooperation:
1. Vaniday promotes Merchant’s outlets, services and products on the online Vaniday-platform and provides access to marketing, booking, and ordering opportunities via Facebook, Google and any other relevant offline and online marketing and booking channels. Merchant will benefit fully from the marketing activities initiated by Vaniday.
2. In return, for services, Vaniday will take a commission of the first booking of a customer and commission for following bookings of that same customer of the bookings price listed on Vaniday. Similarly, for products, Vaniday will take a commission of the first purchase of a
customer and commission for following purchases of that same customer of the product price listed on Vaniday
3. Merchant is to offer minimum of 2% cashback valid for 60 days from completion of booking date to customer to encourage repeat visit.
4. All Vaniday bookings and purchases are prepaid online. Vaniday will transfer Merchant share of payment collected after deducting Vaniday’s commission and customer cashback balance before 10th day of the following month. Example: Price of a haircut is $100 and customer A is a repeat customer with a $2 cashback balance from her last visit within 60 days. Vaniday’s commission is 15%. Merchant will receive $100 x 85% - $2 cashback balance = $83.
5. For the handling of all customer bookings, the Merchant will use and update the my.Vaniday booking platform. There will be no contract, no setup fees, and no monthly fees.
6. Hereby both parties agree that their brand-related data (i.e. name, logo, address, slogan and photos) can be published and used for marketing purposes by the respective other party.
7. All Merchants and users of agree to our operating terms and conditions as hosted on
8. Feel free to contact us at or live chat at if you have any question or comment. Information needed in the appendix of the partnership agreement is to be provided by Merchant for their onboarding onto

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I, the authorized Merchant representative, consent to the aforementioned terms of the Merchant partnership agreement.

Date: July 21, 2024            

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